R.G. Russell's original 1873 architectural plans for Yale University’s Win- chester Observatory on Canner Street in New Haven, Connecticut. They didn’t have a business plan, and the Panic of 1873 cut the project in half.

High-end corporate publications, polished proposals, state-of-the-art management development, human resources engineering, compliance with EEOC regulations, cultural diversity planning. The business of the 21st century needs it all.

We can help.

Canner Street Consulting
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Canner Street Consulting provides a full range of writing and editing, documentation, organizational assessment, human resources management, and professional development.

We know how to balance your business needs with your resources.

We focus on special needs that cannot be met by your in-house staff and require expertise but not full time personnel. Our aim is to add value to your organization that will directly benefit your customers and your bottom line. And we will meet your deadlines.

Our partners and associates are highly skilled and credentialed professionals who understand today’s competitive business climate, the challenge of producing top-quality business publications, the demands of the global economy, and the shifting domestic marketplace.

Whether you require quick turnaround editorial services, an expert in residence for publications or business development, re-organizational support, or a professional partnership to reduce your training costs, maintain performance and quality levels, or assess the status of your organization, we can help.