R.G. Russell's original 1873 architectural plans for Yale University’s Win- chester Observatory on Canner Street in New Haven, Connecticut. They didn’t have a business plan, and the Panic of 1873 cut the project in half.

What our associates say about us:

"Christina is trustworthy and reliable. She can be counted on to take on even the most challenging assignment, give it her full commitment, and get it done right."

"Bert Nelson is a master of assisting systems to handle the challenges of stewardship of precious resources in a business and legal context."

"Quickly assessing the situation, Robert moved to give specific tasks and direction to each employee, making them accountable for the goals which he laid out for them."

"Christina and I worked together in the publishing technology training and documentation group at AOL. I was impressed by her commitment to gathering the information needed to write detailed, user-friendly technical documentation. She set very high standards for technical writing that helped the team perform better and she was a great pleasure to work with."

“To work with a person of your caliber, Robert, is one of the rare opportunities I have had.”

"Bert has a storehouse of gifts and experience earned from daily dedication and life-long learning and experience. He can write grants. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He can bring the energies of factions and friends together. He can think clearly and can communicate with ease."

"Robert, it is a rarity to find someone so competent…, someone who possesses the ability to bring persons together in a team model, and someone who consistently exhibits godly character as well as an understanding of our mission."

"Christina is an exceptionally talented publications manager, deploying a complete range of editorial skills…. Put a challenge before Christina, and she will rise to it beyond your expectations."

"Dr. Nelson has a career of achievement and commitment to excellence. He brings to any job he undertakes a passion for excellence along with a wealth of knowledge and experience in administrative practices and building organizational capacity." 


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