R.G. Russell's original 1873 architectural plans for Yale University’s Win- chester Observatory on Canner Street in New Haven, Connecticut. They didn’t have a business plan, and the Panic of 1873 cut the project in half.

Overwhelmed by federal, state, and local regulations?

We can help.

Lost at sea without a map? We write business plans, development strategies, and management training courses.

Outsourcing your business development and human resources management to Canner Street Consulting can save your business time and money. We provide the staff, the expertise, and the overhead, and deliver you a polished result, on time and on budget.

Our business development services include:

  • Proposal management, writing, and editing
  • Business plan development
  • Organizational planning
  • Employee management & relations training
  • Collective Bargaining Support
  • Planning and conducting performance appraisals
  • Staff re-engineering and redeployment
  • Management training
  • Cultural diversity leadership training and dissemination
  • Equal Employment Opportunity compliance & training

Our recent, exciting projects have included proposal development for a Washington, D.C. area technology management firm; a high-efficiency, unobtrusive learning program for on the job training; analysis of human resources utilization and management resulting in more efficient assignment of personnel, assured compliance with labor law, and a personnel policy manual to support managers in day to day staff supervision; reorganizing and rebuilding a private university’s foundation office that resulted in increased giving and the building of its annuity giving.

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