R.G. Russell's original 1873 architectural plans for Yale University’s Win- chester Observatory on Canner Street in New Haven, Connecticut. They didn’t have a business plan, and the Panic of 1873 cut the project in half.

If it carries your logo, it must be perfect.

We provide state-of-the-art graphic design.

Technical research is also our specialty.

Outsource your publications development and management to Canner Street Consulting and save time and money. We provide the staff, the expertise, and the overhead, and deliver you a polished result on time and on budget.

Our full range publications services include:

  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Substantive editing
  • Graphic design
  • Quality assurance review
  • Document management
  • Publications workflow & requirements analysis
  • Technical research & writing
  • Medical editing
  • Production management

Our recent, exciting projects have included the design, writing, and production of a new quarterly magazine for the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, textbook editing for the National Park and Recreation Association, and editorial management for one of the leading medical journals in Europe.

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